Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Last night I took the L to Williamsburg and my good friend, Dave Ellis met me at Bedford Ave. We headed to his art exhibit at Venticinque Café in Park Slope and I was excited to see his latest work. 
I absolutely loved every piece on display and am sharing some pics with you..

 Whether you want to check out a free exhibit while warming up with hot chocolate and organic treats
 or are in hunt of some original and very cool oil, acrylic and aluminum on canvas
 and want to support a local artist..
Go to Venticinque at 162 5th Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn
Dave's pieces start at $250.00 and will be on display until Feb. 8th.

Dave Ellis is a Canadian born artist, designer, actor, writer and musician currently working out of his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

See you soon!

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