Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Beast? Monster? Historical? Blizzard? No. No. No and No. Pretty Snow Flakes? Yes.

A day off from work and going a bit stir crazy..here are the results...



 See you soon!
Click if you want to hear 'Winter Song' by Rob Halford:



Monday, January 26, 2015


East Coasters..I'm sure you've heard by now..
We're in for a beast of blizzard tomorrow! 
"Scrolling" down Memory Lane...
This park in Hudson County is where my siblings and I shared many precious childhood memories.
I grew up on West 11th (b/t Greenwich and Washington) just blocks away from Union Square 

All photos taken by NY STREETERS in Hudson County, Bergen County and Manhattan
My home in Bergen County
Stay safe &
See you soon!




Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Last night I took the L to Williamsburg and my good friend, Dave Ellis met me at Bedford Ave. We headed to his art exhibit at Venticinque CafĂ© in Park Slope and I was excited to see his latest work. 
I absolutely loved every piece on display and am sharing some pics with you..

 Whether you want to check out a free exhibit while warming up with hot chocolate and organic treats
 or are in hunt of some original and very cool oil, acrylic and aluminum on canvas
 and want to support a local artist..
Go to Venticinque at 162 5th Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn
Dave's pieces start at $250.00 and will be on display until Feb. 8th.

Dave Ellis is a Canadian born artist, designer, actor, writer and musician currently working out of his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

See you soon!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yikes! I forgot to post for December!

 This post is so late!  Hope you all had a great Holiday Season and I wish you a magical New Year filled with what ever wonders you choose to create!  (did I just rhyme?)

 I recently celebrated a milestone birthday (eek!) with a few close friends and family in the East Village.  Hope you enjoy the pics of the Brunch and a few other random pics of the city in December...

You know I love my leopard!  Dress BCBG and Jacket is Vintage Halston  (I also love my thrift shops!)
 One of my friends from High School!

The Rockers!
 My cousin, the Mayor of Atlantic City and his partner.
 NYPD anticipating another protest.
 I wish some people would stop turning this into an
"us against them" issue and focus on building a mutual respect for all. In my opinion, this is the greatest city in the world because of our diversity not despite it. My heart goes out to everyone that has died in vain, including our very own police officers. The ideological flower child in me is screaming "Why can't we all just get along?!!!"

 First (and only!) snow flurries of 2014  NYC

 Cool moon on a cold night...

  Union Square busking

SantaConNYC ..oh geez.

Times Square.. He thought I was hailing but I was just clicking..sorry!

Last sunrise of 2014

Shaken, not stirred and very dirty MARTINI...

See you soon!