Thursday, September 11, 2014


Alexa Chung, DJ, Model, Television Presenter and contributing Editor at British Vogue graced us with her cool- girl charm last night in Union Square.  She was promoting her new line of nail polishes from Nail Inc. London, which are incredibly beautiful.
Music, Mani's and Makeup..

 I'm sitting in the lunch room/locker room, adjacent to our bathrooms at Sephora Union Square having my brown- bagged tuna fish sandwich, when Alexa Chung walks in to use the 'loo'. Of course, the 2 bathrooms are occupied so she's patiently waiting right in front of me. I say "Oh my God, it's really you!" She says "hello" and does a little dance showing us she's just one of the girls. But she's Alexa Chung!  Her only request when she was getting ready was a Bourbon and Coke. Gotta love her! 

The girls from Nails Inc. London came all the way from across the pond to do our nails!  They were amazing!




 Oh, that's me on the left, my client in the middle. I did her makeup earlier for this event. No, the excitement on her face is not because I did such an amazing job on her smoky eyes.. She's waiting on line to meet Alexa with her friend.


See you soon!

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