Monday, April 21, 2014


 Union Square Green Market
 I still look up in wonder (like a tourist) at the beauty of our eclectic architecture.

 After my Grandfather retired, he sold hot dogs near the West Side Highway in Greenwich Village.  My siblings and I thought we were so cool getting a Sabrett with "the works" for free!  Every time a pass a vendor, I have to smile.
West Side Highway
 This guy is probably thinking "40 bucks for blow out?  Glad I got a buzz cut!"
My hat is from Charlotte Russe!   Marni bag on my Spring wishlist. (I won't hold my breath)

That's me in the purple dress (from H&M) and my sister is the other blonde with the floral shirt. We're in a park about 10 miles north of NYC

Chanel art pants

Go outside!  Before you know it, we'll be saying 'Winter is Coming' !!! 


See you soon!



Monday, April 7, 2014


How much longer do we have to wait to finally put away our winter gear? 
Van Saun Park/ Paramus, NJ 
Brilliant upcoming artist, Kaitlin Mazzei and I, during her exhibit in Montclair, NJ at Parlor Hair Studio
 Her pieces start at $1000 so snatch them up now! 

Co-owner and creative hair stylist at Parlor Hair Studio, Wendy Fox Warfield (r), with friend, Andrea
 Great friend and rockin' jewelry designer, Sharon Fox, snapping away..


  New favorite bakery in Times Square "Paris Baquette"
Hash brown pastry was scrumptious
Union Square

 Coat envy-Cool chick rockin' All Saints.

 See you soon!