Friday, July 20, 2012


Women have to be strong to survive in New York City.  We learn that beauty, inner strength and intelligence come with their own set of consequences.  Still we persevere. We take care of our minds, our spirit and our physical bodies for ourselves.  Stay strong, Stay smart, Stay beautiful...

Oh...and kick a little ass if you have to!!!

Black Widow, Cat Woman and Snow White

Taryn designed these goggles herself    Her shorts are from VampireFreaks  Baby Blue Oreo Necklace from Etsy. Lipgloss from Sephora Collection.

Julia is in Super Hero(ine) Mode...
T-shirt from Walmart, Red Pants and Black/White Sneakers from Forever 21
Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in "Outlaw" from Kat Von D.

For Molly's Makeup I used Armani 'Luminous Silk' Foundation in 5.75, Edward Bess Bronzer in Daydream, Eyeshadows from The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay, Sephora Black Gel Eyeliner, Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara, Christian Dior Universal Brow Pencil and Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Lipgloss.  All makeup at Sephora.

I'll be sure to check out Kusama's exhibit this summer!  Look for her collaboration with Louis Vuitton (Mark Jacobs) embellished with her signature polka-dots!

Also on my list of things to do this summer...

At the MET..Exhibit featuring two ridiculously talented Italian designers from different eras.

And of course, I HAVE to go back to the Jersey Shore!!!  Stay tuned :)

See you soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I spotted these lovely women in Union Square where temps reached close to 100 degrees F (38 in Celsius) this week!

Three generations of beautiful women visiting from across the pond! Figures..the Brits just have a way with cool HATS! 

Giselle tries to recall where she got her dress...
H&M! Sandals were 3 bucks from a tiny store in her Brooklyn hood! 

Kim's Top is from Lane Bryant

Orange you pretty!   Rafia in
Dress from French Connection @Bloomies..H&M Belt and Sandals by Tory Burch

Here are my top 5 Essentials for surviving in the heat and on the street in NYC

1. Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen or BB Cream
Broad-Spectrum means that the product protects against UVA (the rays that cause aging..wrinkles, sagging, discoloration) and UVB (the rays that make you burn and most likely to cause skin cancer)

Apply Sunscreen 30 minutes prior to exposure so the formula gets a chance to sink into the skin and will be more effective.
(a shot-glass full or 2 ounces will suffice for face and body)

Apply Sunscreen every 2-3 hours after the initial application. This is where most us start to slack.
If you are wearing a lot of makeup and don't want to apply the cream over it then invest in a mineral powder with SPF like Bare Essentials or Physicians Formula.

Shiseido and Clarins are the leaders in high-end sunscreens.

Clinique and Neutrogena offer more wallet-friendly products.
If you are not going to be basking in the sun all day, then I recommend a good BB Cream with a high SPF of 20 plus. 
BB creams are similar to tinted moisturizers but they are loaded with vitamins, hydrators, skin smoothers, sunscreen and a hint of color.
There are BB Creams for every budget, from drugstores (Garnier and L'Oreal) to Sephora (Smashbox and Clinique)

2. A Cool Hat
It will protect your head and face from the sun,
cover up a bad hair day and add some whimsy to your outfit.
Carrie's hat is from a street vendor on 14th street.

3. Stay hydrated with lots of water.
Essential to survival and great for your skin.

 4Carry snacks like a bag of dried fruit, nuts or a protein bar with you at all times.
I know that sometimes I get so busy that I forget to eat!  Hard to imagine, but it can happen. 
Then my blood sugar drops and I get dizzy and cranky.  Not cool!  Carry snacks!

5. Five types of shoes for summers in the city:
Sneakers, for obvious reasons like working out or running errands.
Open-toe flats that can take you from day into night (and to show off your pretty pedicure)
Closed-toe flats.. (when you just didn't get around to that pedicure yet..eek!)
A pair of cheap, colorful flip-flops for beaches and bbq's.
And last but not least, a pair of fun, sexy sandals for those evenings out on the town.
Dudes, you can skip the sexy sandals but remember that everyone likes guys with neat feet.  Go get a pedicure and don't be a metro-phobe!

Stay hydrated, protected, nourished, cute and have a  FUN SUMMER!

See you soon!