Sunday, February 12, 2012


This week I was happy to jump on the beauty side of the "band"wagon for an organization co-founded by Kevin Patrick (tour keyboard player with  Blondie) SHARE THE MIC.
Kevin has been in my post previously for his impeccable sense of indie- rock style... works with musicians, sponsors and charities to promote humanitarian causes globally and to dispel cultural stereotypes.  Right on! 
Music and Fashion will mesh together to create common threads and an array of audio surprises!
Kevin Patrick with Francesco Saviano, executive creative director of

Last Sunday's 54th annual Grammy Awards...  The Boss...always a winner!    Foo Fighters...the only Rock Band that performed, were nominated and won! 
Rihanna showing her front, back and TOE cleavage.
Nicki Minaj as ummm...

 Katy is a Firework! 
 The Boss and The Beatle...  
 Gaga over Kelly..   Adelle...nominated for 6 and winner of 6!

Last week I had the pleasure of working as the makeup artist on a photo shoot for Project NYD, a charitable division of Tamara Horton's   This project will improve the quality of life for many Ethiopian women. 
Tamara designed two beautiful dresses for Cyndi Lauper and International Recording Artist, Yuna.  
Stay tuned for the pro shots but for now enjoy a few pics of what went on behind the scenes at The Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village...

Fun Fact: The Washington Square Hotel was home to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez back in the day!

On Yuna, I used Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, Cargo Bronzer, Nars Lip Pencil, Illamasqua Gold Creme on center lips and clear lip gloss by NYC.   Listen to Yuna's version of Come As You Are by Nirvana.

My assistant gazing out of the 9th floor window...breathtaking view of The Empire State Building!

 The designer does some last minute button sewing...
 The interviewer getting a touch-up from my assistant...we used Guerlain Aqua Foundation, Anastasia brow pencil, Laura Mercier Eye Pencil, Christian Dior Mascara, Make Up For Ever Lipstick.
Shine A Light productions videographed the interview with Tamara, Cyndi and Yuna...

* Take my word that Cyndi Lauper looked gorgeous. She's also a true humanitarian that promised to help out any way she can with Project NYD!

Cyndi at the Grammy's on Sunday night   (Gaultier design)
 Designer and founder of Tamara Horton

Look who I ran into earlier...My favorite model, Scott!
Good to know that he's still into the cute t-shirts!

See you soon!