Wednesday, December 28, 2011


And now let us welcome the New Year..
Full of things that have never been.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

This year I resolve NOT to make any resolutions...instead I am keeping a journal of ideas and dreams..some of which I have buried so deep down within my soul that it may take a while to dig them out..but I will!!!  Yes, this is the month to look forward to the year ahead and the journey within!  Have a good trip!

Hana (Union Square) is wearing tights from Urban Outfitters, Dr Marten Shoes, Pink Socks that she Handmade herself and the bag is from The American History Museum in Washington D.C.
My gorgeous client, Sophie, before going to a NYE party in NYC...
 I prepped this lovely canvas with Smashbox Hydrating Primer then used Temptu Airbrush Foundations in No. 3 and 4.  I also used Temptu to contour the cheeks in NO. 7.  I brought out Sophie's beautiful green eyes with Sephora's new baked Eye shadows in Gold, Brown and Champagne colors.  Black Eye pencil, Black Mascara, a pop of Nars Lip gloss and this beauty is ready for a long night (into day) of fun! 
 Fellow Makeup Artist, Brooke Young, rock'n some pretty and cool lashes!
 Brooke has her own line of natural and organic treats for the feet and body called Pedicureans.
She's  planning to open up her own spa in Brooklyn this year!  We'll keep you posted!  I'm so excited for her!

This was SO last year...
Here is what I wore on New Years Eve to my friends house..
Black Studded Boots by BAMBOO

Black Sequin Mini Skirt by FIRST KISS (HEHE...that brand name is funny to me...I had my first kiss a LONG time ago!)  His name was Tom, but everyone called him "Waz".  I've said too much already!  lmao.

Warm and comfy tights by ONE STEP UP

And last, but not least, my Rock 'n' Roll T-shirt from H&M (AC/DC )

It amazes me how super practical I've sleep over on my friends couch, I simply removed the sequin skirt and boots of course (duh) and ta-DA...I had my PJ's!!!  Brilliant. I know.

I won't lie to you...I will probably wear the same outfit next NYE with a different Rock Tee and boots!   It's my uniform of choice! 

I don't like to travel with my expensive Rimmel from London it is..Matte Powder and organic lip gloss from Alba...and of course, my can't live without and probably addicted to, Altoids.

 I shoved everything in my new favorite bag by Nica from London and I'm good to go...

Broadway at Union Square

I run on Coffee and Carbs in the A.M.

 Freshly Brewed Fair Trade Organic Coffee and Tea at News Cafe on 13th Street and University Place.  Today I tried the Rwanda Roast and it was delicious.
A touch of Italy on W. 40th  Street off 8th Avenue is another pick for good coffee and food..Piccolo Cafe
   Gandhi in Union Square..


It's time to write in my private's to remembering your dreams and making them come true...

See you soon!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


West 40th Street near Bryant Park is also known as Nikola Tesla Corner...

Nikola Tesla..was born and raised in Croatia to Serbian parents and died in Manhattan in 1953 as an American citizen.  The scientist is best known for his invention of modern radio and the polyphase alternating current system (AC) which is used today to light up the world! 

Christmas time in NYC always looks like a beautiful dream to me...Festive lights in addition to the perpetually bright lights of our city can seem surreal...I can't fall asleep but I don't want to wake up...

 Cool, trippy 70's inspired clothing by Animated Closet NYC.  They also have a boutique in Park Slope.

Makeup Artists Samantha in a purple glitter lip..and
Audrey as a rock'n'roll reindeer...

...May your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice be bright..
Peace and Happiness to All..
...and to All a Good Night!

See you soon!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Snap up these little treats for your friends, family or yeah, baby.. yourself!

Slim stand-up mirror by Harajuku Lovers (Gwen Stefani's line) and Tweezerman
No Doubt a steal for 10 bucks!

Kat Von D's Red Lip Gloss...The tatoo artist has BAD taste in MEN...but GREAT taste in MAKEUP!  $7.00

Take it all off with Soap and Glory's face cleansing cloths.  10 bucks for 25 wipes.  Small price to pay for those nights when we are too tired, lazy or (ahem) have had too much eggnog to actually wash our face properly!

  Jack Black's gender bender lip balm and the spf 25 is the bonus! I like the original minty one..but it comes in 4 other scents.  $7.50 for the softest lips on the planet.

20 bucks for 8 gorgeous colors (including a matte chocolate brown and a glitter black!)

Beautiful, one of a kind, natural glycerin soaps from

*Stacy at Sabao is giving NY STREETERS readers 20 percent off our total purchase...
Just type in NY streeter as the promo code!  Thank-you Stacy!

Leopard prevails in NYC as THE print of the season!

Heidy rock'n a shirt from Forever 21... The Gold watch is the hot accessory this season.

Alexandra from Brazil in a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes...I find it adorable and chic that her bag matches his shoes!

This Sephora client is wearing Earrings (doorknockers!) by Badacious Love on Facebook!

Mad Cool Hats!

Pastel makeup in the Winter season?  You bet. This is NYC, baby..we set our OWN rules!!

My clients...

I used Cover Fx Foundation on my client, Nars Blush, Laura Mercier Eye Shadows and Mascara, Guerlain Lipstick.

I used Temptu Airbrush Foundation on my client and the eye shadows are all from Illamasqua. Black Eyeliner from Urban Decay, Eyebrow Pencil by Lancome, Doll Eyes Mascara from Lancome, Make Up Forever Aqua lip liner.