Friday, October 28, 2011


My camera is on the fritz!!!  :-(
For now, I'll share with you some of my favorite fashions from some of my favorite movies!
What goes around sometimes comes around in fashion.

La Dolce Vita/ 1960

I loved this movie. The main character learns the hard way, that sex, booze and money don't always make for "The Sweet Life" (I'm sure it does on occasion, just not in this movie!)  Bonus is the beautiful scenery of Rome and the lovely fashion of that era.

Saturday Night Fever /1977

The plot was lukewarm but...
the music, dancing and fashion...HOT!
"Don't touch da hair!"  -Tony Manero

Fun Fact:  John Travolta was born and raised in Englewood, NJ and attended the same private school as Brooke Sheilds. The two dated briefly when Sheilds was 16 and Travolta was 27.  Ooh la la!

Taxi Driver/1976
With this guy driving a're better off taking the train!  This movie scared me. Robert Deniro scared me. Even Jodie Foster scared me. The acting is so dang good that you forget you're watching a movie.
I never could find a hat as cool as Jodie Foster's in this movie!

"You talking to me?????" -Travis Bickle
BTW, did you know that the aforementioned scene was completely improvised by Robert DeNiro?  True. He said he took the line from a Bruce Springsteen Concert that he had attended in the early 70's. Bruce was shouting that out to the audience. Pretty cool. I knew Bobby and I had something in common! (I'm talking about our mutual admiration for Springsteen..just to be clear)

Desperately Seeking Susan/1985

Don't tell me that you didn't want to be a little like the free-spirited Susan after seeing this 80's classic and  don't tell me that you didn't fall a little bit in love with Aidan Quinn (or Rosanna Arquette
Love her or hate her...Madonna is one in a million!

How cool was her jacket in this movie?

This is Spinal Tap/1984

A Rock "Mockumentary" that will have you believing it's for real!  Ridiculously FUNNY!  

 Rob Reiner ("Meathead" on All in the Family) nailed it on his directorial debut!

 You will enjoy all of the late 70's and early 80's fashion in this film..I promise you.

See you soon!

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