Friday, October 28, 2011


My camera is on the fritz!!!  :-(
For now, I'll share with you some of my favorite fashions from some of my favorite movies!
What goes around sometimes comes around in fashion.

La Dolce Vita/ 1960

I loved this movie. The main character learns the hard way, that sex, booze and money don't always make for "The Sweet Life" (I'm sure it does on occasion, just not in this movie!)  Bonus is the beautiful scenery of Rome and the lovely fashion of that era.

Saturday Night Fever /1977

The plot was lukewarm but...
the music, dancing and fashion...HOT!
"Don't touch da hair!"  -Tony Manero

Fun Fact:  John Travolta was born and raised in Englewood, NJ and attended the same private school as Brooke Sheilds. The two dated briefly when Sheilds was 16 and Travolta was 27.  Ooh la la!

Taxi Driver/1976
With this guy driving a're better off taking the train!  This movie scared me. Robert Deniro scared me. Even Jodie Foster scared me. The acting is so dang good that you forget you're watching a movie.
I never could find a hat as cool as Jodie Foster's in this movie!

"You talking to me?????" -Travis Bickle
BTW, did you know that the aforementioned scene was completely improvised by Robert DeNiro?  True. He said he took the line from a Bruce Springsteen Concert that he had attended in the early 70's. Bruce was shouting that out to the audience. Pretty cool. I knew Bobby and I had something in common! (I'm talking about our mutual admiration for Springsteen..just to be clear)

Desperately Seeking Susan/1985

Don't tell me that you didn't want to be a little like the free-spirited Susan after seeing this 80's classic and  don't tell me that you didn't fall a little bit in love with Aidan Quinn (or Rosanna Arquette
Love her or hate her...Madonna is one in a million!

How cool was her jacket in this movie?

This is Spinal Tap/1984

A Rock "Mockumentary" that will have you believing it's for real!  Ridiculously FUNNY!  

 Rob Reiner ("Meathead" on All in the Family) nailed it on his directorial debut!

 You will enjoy all of the late 70's and early 80's fashion in this film..I promise you.

See you soon!

Friday, October 14, 2011


  I love October.  The cooler weather, the fashion and the comfort food!  Stay in shape by going for a hike, bike riding or even shopping for bargains counts as exercise. Remember, it's OK to gain a couple of pounds this season.  Enjoy!

The Fashion District

Chen has mastered the art of mixing summer with fall!  Scarf is Zara, Sweater-H&M, Romper-Victoria's Secret, Bag and Shoes from China.
Meat Packing District.

Award winning Filmmaker,Christian DeDrama Garcia in a black  Tommy Hilfiger suit.

 Fellow NYC MAKEUP ARTIST, Regenna was recently stopped on the street by a photographer and ended up in The OCTOBER issue of ESSENCE magazine for her cool trendy style!

Veronica just moved to THE BIG APPLE from SIN CITY and got most of her cool clothes from various  vintage boutiques in VEGAS, BABY!

Sandra is right on trend with COLOR BLOCKING.  Dress is $10 from DANICE in Brooklyn and Shoes were a buck at CONWAY!  Wait for it...her sunglasses are $300 from CHANEL. Hey, we all have our priorities!  She looks A-MA-ZING.

Sephora Makeup Artists, Samantha, Kimmy and Kiki rocking some serious glitter lips that they created. Apply a thin layer of Two Faced Glitter Glue (it's not really a "glue"- feels more like a primer) to lips with a lip brush then pat Sephora's Nail Glitter Powder on with your ring finger and smooth it out with a synthetic eyeshadow brush.  Brilliant. Literally!

Tara and Kimmy with the GLB (Glitter Lips Baby) You can use any color of loose Glitter or mix up your own shade!  So cool. So original. So trying this.

*Don't lick your lips with this on. Ingesting glitter will not make you more sparkly!

Sephora Makeup 
 Artist, Audrey in the strong eye/strong lip combo.  Eyeshadow is Urban Decay from the Black Palette. Eyeliner is Velvet Eyes Adhesive Eyeliner from Christian Dior, Foundation is Makeup For Ever Mat Velvet, Highlighter, Blush and Bronzer from the Charlotte Ronson Trio and Lips are Sephora Lip Stain in Red. 

*Audrey is an aspiring fashion designer and one of the stars of the TLC realty show BIG SEXY
It's an interesting show about  the trials, tribulations and triumphs of 5 curvy NYC women working in the Fashion Biz.  A must see!

A Random SEPHORA-HOLIC with cute hair and makeup!

This is from one of my last photo shoots.  I used Makeup For Ever on the eyes and lips but opted not to use any foundation on the model. Just a pop of Pink Blush and a Sprinkle of Gold glitter.  photo phil radelat 

 My girl Rachel is rock'n a tank top from PETA, skirt from AuH20 vintage (84 E. 7th Street) . Her canvas bag is from and reads "Ask Me Why I'm a Vegan"
Blue Eco-friendly Shoes by Melissa. Hat Urban Outfitters.

Rachel at an ANIMAL RIGHTS protest in NYC. The poster says it all.

See you soon!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Steven Meisel is one of the most successful fashion photographers today. He studied his art at Parson's in Greenwich Village along with Donna Karan, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs.
Here is his latest work from Italian Vogue.  ENJOY!

See you soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


This post is dedicated to Abe Greiss, a dear friend of the family, an amazing artist/sculptor and a true humanitarian from Greenwich Village. His generous spirit and wisdom will never be forgotten.

This is me as a child in my Grandmother's garden in Greenwich Village.  If you look to the top far right, you can see one of Abe's sculptures in his backyard! 

I took these pics on Wednesday 9/28/11

Photos from Vogue/ What do models wear on the streets of Milan, London, Paris and New York during FASHION WEEK?  It goes something like this...   

Yes, everyone can wear red lipstick...the question is "Are you brave enough?"

Red Orange

True Red

 Dark Brown Red

 Light Brown Red


Soft Sheer Red

Light Orange Red

Pink Red

Go to your local Department or specialty store and try on a red.  You may even start feeling a little sassier!

Plum Red
 Here are a few Fall trends that I would try in a heartbeat...

Short Boots

Maxi Dress

(Fake) Fur

Color Blocks


10 under $10
 I got the last Missoni for Target shirt this week by accident.  Someone had just returned this shirt at the Target in Bergen Towne Center and because it was originally an ONLINE purchase, they were selling it for $10!  What?

 Leopard Print Thrift Dress ($10)

 Via Spiga Thrift shoes ($7)

 Thrift shirt ($4)

 My sister got this for me for $5 at a thrift shop in Virginia!  Love it!

Leopard Print Skirt on Sale at Charlotte Rousse for $10.

 Thrift Dress for ($8)

 Free Purple Shirt from my sister's closet!

A Fashion Magazine from 1989 from Strand Bookstore for $1.00

At $3 from Strand, this book with celebrity pictures from the 90's

I'll leave you with Markie Mark!

See you soon!