Friday, September 16, 2011


Union Square

Where did the summer go????  Why do I already see HALLOWEEN candy in the drugstores???
Ah well, let me shut up and go get my Candy Corn.


Times Square

The ladies of Spade were giving out Flower Pins in Union Square.  I hope those are Kate's designs  they're wearing!
Fun Fact:  Kate is married to Andy Spade, brother of actor/comedian David Spade.
A young Fashionista.
Her Dapper Dad

My friend, Colleen is wearing a Vintage Dress with Old Navy Jeans in Greenwich Village.

Beauty Secret is TARTE Eco-friendly cosmetics brand created by local Brooklyn girl, Maureen Kelly, who started the line in 1999 out of her one-bedroom apartment! Check out the whole line at your local Sephora.

Necklace is Brigid...the Celtic goddess of Inspiration.

Photographer, Phil Radelat is having some fun on Greenwich Avenue.

Phil's shirt is from Walmart and jeans are from CJ Martins.  His secret to looking good is rollerblading and Olay moisturizers.  He really does have great skin!

 It's my favorite model Scott, at the Port

Last glimpse of summer on Long Branch at the Jersey Shore.

 Noche says we'll see you in the fall!

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