Thursday, August 18, 2011


I just gave myself a VIRTUAL MAKEOVER from        Just go to the makeup link and click virtual's so much fun trying on different colors! They show you which products you are wearing if you want to purchase them from the collection. The only thing they're missing are EYEBROWS! Come on Topshop...a girl needs her brows!

A trip to much do I love you??? Their food menu is cheaper than Mcdonalds and way more delicious and healthy. cute are those baby dolls?

 If you've been following my blog this guy must look familiar to you!  Scott and I officially met last month when I just started my blog.  I commented on his shoes and cute t-shirt (see Summer in the City post) and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Most of Scott's shirts are from
DSW.Makeup Artist Samantha Vega wearing a maxi dress from JC Penney.  Sandals...
 I dig her style because it proves that you don't have to show a lot of skin to look sexy!  Her
beauty secret is experimenting with different hair styles that are flattering.  It's working!

One of my lovely clients before going to an event on Wednesday.
Janeen does all types of Event Planning from Weddings to Movie Premieres.

I brought out her baby blues with several shades of purple and violet eye shadows from Urban Decay.

Francia is a manager at Sephora and she's rocking quite a beautiful smokey eye from the Sephora Collection. 

I took my Godson and his friend to the new Candy Store/Bakery/Restaurant called Sugar Plumm at the Bergen Towne Center in Paramus, NJ.  This place is filled with old school candy, delicious baked goods and more.   Sugar Heaven.
Later, after way too much sugar, my Godson dressed up as Fashion Baby.  I love him!

Super cool look on Cindy...white mini dress with brown suede boots
Her boots are Dolman's and her dress is from a boutique in the Meat Packing District.

I found the look for less at H&M!

Dress $34.95
Brown Suede Boots $49.95

Roni is wearing a vintage hat and an H&M scarf.
Her lip gloss is by Sephora in Candy Mix. Her beauty secret is regularly exfoliating her face and Avon Skincare.  Some scrubs may be too abrasive for sensitive skin...instead try white sugar mixed with olive oil for baby soft cheeks.

Are they DARING me to PLAY with makeup?  Ok, twist my arm...

My lips are coated with Sephora lip stain in RED.

photo by Farida Khan

See you soon!

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