Saturday, August 6, 2011


I'm glad that the heat wave is over and the temperature is cooling down There were days back in July when I looked like a hot mess even before I got to work!  Frizzy hair, runny mascara and in a kind of nasty mood.  They say that men sweat and women glow...HA! I beg to differ!!!  Keep wearing those groovy outfits every day 'cause you never know when I will snap you for my blog!  Stay cool my friends...

What's a girl to do when she has some time to kill before work?  Go play at her local SEPHORA ofcourse...I'm digging the new eyeshadow trios from Smashbox.
photo by Samantha Vega

Looks like I'm not the only Leopard Loving gal in New York.  Friend and fellow Makeup Artist Farida Khan is rocking the look with me...
My top..Forever 21
  photo by Chris Newburg                                    

We will be wearing the warm colour of Salmon this winter...

paul and joe
alexis mabille

 We will be holding our HANDBAGS...

donna karan

There will be FLOWERS IN THE WINTER... 
lorella signorino

moschino cheap and chic

We can choose drugstore MAKEUP...
 Loreal has been my go-to brand since I started wearing makeup in highschool.  It is the creme de la creme of the DRUGSTORE brands. Created in 1909 by a young french chemist named Eugene Schueller it is still rocking over a century later.

OR splurge on department store/specialty store brands...

Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain was a doctor and a chemist when he created the First Lipsticks in 1840 for THE HOUSE OF GUERLAIN  in Paris.  One of the most beautiful websites
Guerlain's latest lipstick is ROUGE AUTOMATIQUE..pure luxury.

Annie's bag caught my eye and then my jaw dropped when she told me that she picked it up in China for 6 bucks!  Her top is Urban Outfitters.

I spotted this chick looking cute getting ready for a bike go girl...I'll just take your picture and make myself a drink!
I'm usually not one for matchy-matchy on myself,  but I do love how her baby blue sunglasses coordinate with her work-out top

This gentleman looks dashing on his BMW wearing an Alfred Dunhill suit and Armani shades.  Louis works at The Water Club in Atlantic City and has invited us all to come and visit him.  His secret to looking good is...applying rubbing alcohol to his skin followed by baby oil!!!   He swears it's great to use especially after shaving.

I'm on my way to an event on Sunday wearing my Franco Sarto Shades, Vera Wang Dress, Kenneth Cole Handbag and Aerosoles.

 Check out this cool HAND MADE jewelry I found on

The CHOKER is only $18.00
The little SKULL EARRINGS are only $8.00

As much as I love MADMEN and all of the retro fashions...

Why hasn't someone created a DEXTER fashion line...I much prefer the laid back stylings of the MIAMI based show..

Come on Banana Republic...why aren't you jumping on this???  

I was having dinner with my good friend Sharon, when she noticed the girl with the cool outfit sitting behind us. No surprise that it was up-and-coming FASHION DESIGNER Fhonia Ellis! She's wearing all vintage.

See more of Fhonia's designs at


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