Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In this photo: Rachel from Riverdale.

 Paulina looks chic on a 97 degree day in Manhattan. Her dress is from Daffy's, Flip Flops from Payless and that cute turban is from Urban (Outfitters)  The bag is custom made...shucks!
Her favorite new product is Josie Maran's self-adjusting Foundation in light/medium.
"NATALIE" is a self-proclaimed "roaming artist" from Seattle. Grunge is still alive and well. .
His necklace is hand-made from metal, chicken bones and hairbands!  Now THAT is original...His sneakers are Italian FILAS.I love this chick's handmade concert tee-shirt...check out what she did to the back...ROCK AND ROLL GIRL!!!!
Amy's beauty secret and key to survival in the city is practicing Yoga.  She's a very creative photographer..see for yourself!

Destiny keeps cool in an H&M dress, Coach Bag and Zara sunglasses...

Her secret to GLOWING skin...exfoliate your face at least twice a week. It's working girl!  I like DDF Polishing Crystals

I think I'm officially obsessed with Scott's t-shirts now!

I love the whole crew at Pret in Union Square as much as I love their organic COFFEE and salads.
Yet another cute tee!
How adorable is Astrid in this dress from H&M..Her beauty secret...SMASHBOX tinted moisturizer with SPF.

Rachel, store manager at LUSH, looks amazing in her summer dress.  Her beauty products from Lush, ofcourse, and she buys her makeup from SEPHORA Union Square.
I love how her purse matches the soles of her shoes!!!  LOUBOUTINS.

Sherman is wearing a shirt from MUJI, a Japanese store in Times Square where he works.  He tailored his own jeans which are from Hong Kong..and his shoes..DOC MARTINS.  How do you say "COOL" in Japanese?
Alisha's PURPLE pumps are from RAINBOW on 14th street!!! 

Angel, originally from Puerto Rico, is wearing an H&M shirt and shorts from Old Navy.  What a smile!
What's not to love about this?  BOWIE is one of my favourite perfomers!
I love a FAT braid!   Try  ITALIAN RED GRAPE SHAMPOO by Desert Essence Organics  It's great on colour-treated hair!
Our beloved city at TWILIGHT.


  1. Beautiful ladies! And the guy's quite a looker too!

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